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Good on ya for not taking the easy route and making it a fart joke

These songs are great!

It was good. You told the story well without words or text.

I can't say I liked the background noise though. I didn't quite understand what the purpose of the clicking sounds were but over all it was nice to watch.

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its an all right game. Doesn't look amazing but is still entertaining enough. I think 20 seconds till another bomb spawns is a little too long, so the start of the game is rather dull until you get to 4 bombs.

the music was great though.

Omegeist responds:

I am going to update the game to make it more interesting and progressive. Someone actually made a video review of how boring it was lol. Thank you PixelMammoth you have always given supportive reviews!

I finished it, the third stage isn't impossible though it repeated for me for some reason. Was it suppose to? could've use a little something more for backgrounds and the character. The music stopped before I got to the end, but it wasn't that bad

memes are always kinda weak, there wasn't any audio and the animation and backgrounds aren't really stellar. though when I died on the third level for the 5th time my jimmies were rustled

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love it!

Omegeist responds:

Thank you!

It could have used a little bit more something, it always felt like I was waiting for the really good stuff to slap me in the face and throw me on a musical journey. But it was good, the looping is well done and it continues on and on nicely. Plus how can I say no to those tags

Omegeist responds:

Yea, sorry about this project, Im still getting all my stuff on my new PC and i spent a little while throwing this thing together. Im working on a full project so when that is done we will finally have somthing to chew on instead of these crappy little loops. Thanks for the review :D I will keep your other advice in mind.

Keep the good songs coming man, nothing you've done has ever disappointed in the slightest.

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Love it!

So hot

The cigarette is pretty damn awesome

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